What You NEED To Know Before Getting Tape In Hair Extensions

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What You NEED To Know Before Getting Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions are one of the most requested extensiones de cabello. Because the application is extremely short, and there is little to no damage. But do you know what to pay attention to before installing the hair extensions tape in? If you don’t understand, then it is very necessary for you to understand some precautions before wearing the glue spring through this article so that the real hair tape in extensions can be more invisibly and durable.

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1. Need to be applied by a professional.

As much as we all wish tape-in hair extensions were DIY. The truth is that they do need to be applied by a professional in a salon, preferably someone who is certified in human hair extensions tape in. Although human tape in hair extensions is super simple to apply, there are still many tricks to ensure that there is no damage or breakage and that the extensions last. Tape in extensions human hair should be applied by a trained professional, someone who is also certified in tape in hair extensions human hair.

You want a hairstyle certified in kinky tape in hair extensions because this stylist is specifically trained in this hair extension method. Throughout their training, they were able to have lots of practice and learn all the tips and tricks when it comes to tape in hair extensions.

Although Jiffy tape in hair extensions are fairly easy to put in, some many tips and tricks to train and certify tape ins hair extensions. Specialists have learned throughout their training tape in hair extensions has certain tricks that help the tape extensions last longer and also do not cause breakage.

If you go to a hairstylist or have one of your friends apply your tape in hair extensions and they don’t have any training, and they haven’t worked much with tape ins hair extensions, your human tape in hair extensions could slip out faster than expected, or they could end up breaking your hair. That’s why we always recommend going to a trusted certified professional.

2. Tape-in hair extensions can’t be any same-day treatments.

There can’t be any same-day treatments when it comes to professional tape in hair extensions. You cannot color your hair. You can’t do any chemical processing on the same day of application. All chemical treatments must be done to your hair one week before application. When it comes to your actual tape in hair extensions human hair application, you want to ensure that your hair is 100% clean of product oils and conditioners. Your hairstylist should clarify your hair twice to three times and not put any conditioners or products on your root.

3. Two different methods of tape in hair extension

Taped in hair extensions should be applied professionally by a stylist, and your stylist should know what human hair extension method you need.

There are two different types of methods when it comes to tape in hair extensions.

  1. Thhe regular double-sided method. This is where the hairstylist will be sandwiching two pieces of tape extensions in between your hair. However, the double-sided tape method may not be best for you if you have thin hair. Only you and your hairstylist can decide this. But it’s important to know which tape and method are right for you.
  2. The single-sided tape method is for women who have thin hair. Instead of sandwiching to tape weft together, you will use one tape weft and one single-sided tape. This method will put 50% less weight on your hair than the double-sided method and is perfect for women with thin or fine hair.

When it comes to hair tape in extensions, you have to have this applied by a trained professional, and you also have to choose which tape method is perfect for you.

  • The double-sided method will be great for you if you have a normal to fix hair. But if you have thin to fine hair, you’ll want to look at the single-sided method.

If your hair stylist is not trained, they may not know the difference. If someone with thin or fine hair gets the double-sided method and their hair cannot hold it. There will be breakage. So when it comes to real Jiffy tape in extensions, it’s super important that you choose someone who you trust and someone who’s certified and experienced and real human hair tape in extensions.

4. Maintenance time.

With proper application, tape in hair extension will last anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks. Now that’s a very. It takes a wide range of time, and here’s why for women whose hair grows out fast. Their tape-in hair extensions must be reapplied every 6 to 8 weeks. That’s because as a tape extension starts to grow down, your hair is growing out, and the tape extensions need to be replaced. So that way, they’re not showing, and they’re not tangling. The best tape in hair extension will last 8 to 12 weeks if your hair grows normally.

5. Proper application and proper care.

Putting any product directly on the bonds or having any type of chemical treatment while wearing your tape in hair extensions will drastically affect the time you wear it. The best tape in hair extensions does not slip when properly applied. However, some factors could make your tape-in hair extension slip out.

If you want to learn more about preventing your hair extensions from slipping, click on the link below to our blog to see everything you need to know about How To Keep Tape In Extensions From Slipping.

FAQ of Tape In Hair Extensions:

Can you use normal double-sided tape for hair extensions?

Using normal double-sided tape for hair extensions is not recommended. Hair extensions require specialized adhesive products designed specifically for hair attachment. Regular double-sided tape may not provide the necessary hold or durability needed for hair extensions, and it may not be safe for your hair.

Hair extension tapes are typically designed to be strong yet gentle on your natural hair. They are specifically formulated to withstand the stresses and movements associated with hair extensions, providing a secure attachment while minimizing damage to your own hair.

If you are considering hair extensions, it is best to use the adhesive tapes recommended by professional stylists or hair extension manufacturers. These tapes are typically designed to work with the specific type of extensions you are using and will provide the best results in terms of hold and hair health.

How to Fix Slipping Tape in Extensions?

If you are experiencing slipping tape in hair extensions, here are a few steps you can take to fix the issue:

  1. Cleanse your hair: Start by thoroughly washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove any product buildup or oils. This will ensure that the tape adheres properly.

  2. Dry your hair: Make sure your hair is completely dry before attempting to fix the slipping tape. Moisture can weaken the adhesive and cause the extensions to slip.

  3. Remove the tape: Gently remove the slipping tape extension by sliding it off your hair. Be careful not to tug or pull on your natural hair.

  4. Clean the tape: Take the removed tape and clean it to remove any residual adhesive. You can use a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad to wipe away the old adhesive.

  5. Apply new adhesive: Cut a fresh strip of double-sided tape that is slightly shorter than the length of your extension. Apply the tape to the top of the extension, making sure it covers the entire width.

  6. Reapply the extension: Carefully position the extension in your desired location and press it firmly against your hair, making sure the tape adheres securely. Apply pressure along the length of the extension to ensure a strong bond.

  7. Repeat for other extensions: Repeat the above steps for any other slipping tape extensions you may have.

  8. Style your hair: Once all the extensions are securely in place, style your hair as desired. Avoid excessive pulling or tugging on the extensions to prevent them from slipping again.

If you continue to experience issues with the tape slipping, you may want to consider seeking assistance from a professional hairstylist or contacting the manufacturer or supplier of the hair extensions for further guidance.

How Many Tape in Extensions Do I Need?

The number of tape-in extensions you will need depends on several factors, including the desired thickness, length, and volume you want to achieve, as well as the density of your natural hair. It’s best to consult with a professional hairstylist who specializes in hair extensions for an accurate assessment. However, as a general guideline:

  1. Thickness: If you’re looking to add some thickness or volume to your hair, you might need around 20 to 40 tape-in extensions. This can vary depending on the thickness of your natural hair and the desired level of volume you want to achieve.

  2. Length: If you’re aiming for longer hair, the number of extensions required will depend on the length and density of your natural hair. On average, you may need 40 to 60 tape-in extensions for a full head of long hair extensions.

  3. Half Head vs. Full Head: If you want a partial or half head of extensions, you will require fewer extensions compared to a full head installation. For a half head, you might need around 20 to 30 extensions, while a full head will require approximately 40 to 60 extensions.

Remember, these numbers are general estimates, and it’s crucial to consult with a professional hairstylist who can assess your hair and provide personalized recommendations. They can consider factors like your hair density, desired outcome, and the specific brand of extensions you plan to use to determine the exact number needed for your desired look.



Tape-ins hair extensions are one of the most requested hair extensions. Because the application is extremely short, and there is little to no damage.

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