5 Tips to STOP Hair Extension Damage

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5 Tips to STOP Hair Extension Damage

5 Tips to STOP Hair Extension Damage

In today’s article, we will talk about five ways to stop and eliminate breakage and damage that happens when you have extensions. We all know that extensiones de cabello can help with so many hair issues, such as length, volume, and color, and they’re an amazing resource that we have to enhance and beautify our hair. But if not done correctly, they can produce undesirable results on the hair.

When you wear Jiffy human hair extensions, whether it’s the hair tape in extensions, fusion pre bonded hair extensions, or sew-in weft hair extensions, normally, the hair that would naturally shed from your scalp has nowhere to go. Because they are sandwiched, it is very normal to have some fallout. Because, again, most of that should be hair that would have shed naturally anyway. So today, I will share five tips and five things you can do to help eliminate any damage done with extensions.

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1. Forgo All Haircuts On Your Natural Hair Completely

Suppose that was chopped in a very blunt way. You can see where that hair ends and where the rest of the extensions begin. Just adjust the extensions. You have new extensions to give you what you’re looking for. But your natural hair should never ever be completely neglected. It would be best if you always had the option of removing extensions tomorrow, and your hair would still look its best. It might not be the length you want, but the hair should still look good.

I bring this one up, because I see so many women’s confidence reliant on extensions, and sometimes it’s just because their natural hair is untaken care of. So trims every time between extension adjustments, still taking care of your hair.

2. Don’t Forget Treatments

When you started to wear more permanent extensions, you will feel great and it doesn’t matter if they don’t in six months. But you are still treating the hair growing out of your scalp, and it’s so easy to forget to do a mask or a special treatment once a month. That is something that I’m here to say again and not forget. Not only for your natural hair but for the extensions as well. So let this be a reminder to treat and hydrate your hair.

3. Get Adjustments And Touch-Ups On The Extensions On Time

It can be hard to get into the salon when you know your extensions hair are due for an adjustment, but extensions are made to hold onto the hair for a specific time, given their application method. So as the hair starts to grow out, it has much less stability. It means it relies less on the scalp and just dangling on the hair. Depending on how much hair you have.

So say someone with finer hair normally. Those are the clients that want more hair and typically will have more extensions. So that means you have more weight per square inch of hair than someone with a ton of thick hair. The reason is that someone with a ton of hair has more per square inch, making their hair stronger.

So now, if you go an extended period without touching up your extensions and they’re grown out, can you imagine the tension, the weight, and the flexibility of the hair that it can move in? So many more directions than when it’s closer to the scalp. That’s going to pull on your natural hair in ways that it is not meant to be. Therefore, you’ll get a lot more breakage that way. You’ll get it so close to the scalp, which is a major issue. Because once you do remove those extensions, you have breakage up to that root area.

4. Get The Correct Type Or Method For Your Hair Type

If you have finer hair, it should still look like your hair but maybe slightly more voluminous and slightly longer. Also, taking into account the method that you are using. So someone with finer hair, a fusion pre bonded hair extensions is always going to look more natural, and it is going to put less strain on each strand of hair. Because you’re applying for the human extensions in a tinier amount per section than a much heavier weft bead hair extensions of hair, your extensionist can help you with this. Still, it is important to know that exceeding your expectations is slightly more reasonable.

So that when you do go into the salon, you show a picture of someone with very thick hair and extensions to suit that. If that’s not your natural hair type and if you show that photo to your hairdresser, your hairdresser will want to deliver that and give you that amount of hair. But know that it is going to cost your natural hair. My rule of thumb is to apply what you need and not go overboard.

5. The Amount Of Extensions You Add To Your Hair

If you have naturally finer hair, it’s fine to add a little volume to add a little length. But again don’t add something that weighs on your more fragile hair a ton. The reason for that is it will make your hair weaker, and you will feel like your hair is even finer and thinner than before. You will rely on the extensions even more, creating this negative cycle.


It’s so important to wear extensions and any hair application method that suits our natural hair type, just like we wear makeup to suit our skin tone and get a haircut to suit our face shape.

If you are an avid extension, please take at least one of these tips and start implementing it and bettering your hair today.

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