Top 5 Tips to Grow Your Hair Extension Business

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Top 5 Tips to Grow Your Hair Extension Business

Top 5 Tips to Grow Your Hair Extension Business

When a novice hair extensions stylist wants to open his own salon or distribute human hair extensions, sometimes he doesn’t know how to expand his store business and attract more potential customers, so it is necessary for you to understand this article to better grow your hair extensions business.

Today I’m here to teach you five top tips for having an extension business. So I will show you all tips on how should grow your extension business.

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1. Have A Business Website and A Social Media Presence.

You need to have some platform besides social media, like a website:, to showcase your work, a way for clients to book your services, and to show who you are as a stylist. So not only do you have to show beautiful photos before and after your transformations, but your future clients want to know who you are as a hairstylist, from your little quirks to your personality to a little insight behind the scenes of your life.

Your future clients want to find something to connect with and someone to connect to. So they have to love the hair you create, and your future clients have to like you. So if there’s more of a connection and some chemistry there, there’ll be a better fit for you in the long run and a better candidate for you and your chair. So you have a start and make yourself a website.

2. Transparency And Transparency With Your Pricing.

The biggest thing my customer gets with future clients is how much does this cost, how much does that cost, and she gets how it’s hard to knit and pick and to say an exact price. But you must develop a starting price, protocol, and process for your services. It has an exact guideline for how much everything will cost. What it’s going to be? This is how much? It will be for one row. This is how much it will be for two rows. This is how much for 18-inch extensions. This is how much for 22-inch extensions.

If a client is going to be investing with you and your services, they don’t want to know the price. A clear transparent pricing module for your services is huge and a must.

3. A Hair Care Guide or Kit For Your Clients When They Come Into Your Chair.

So many clients either have no hair extension history or have worn extensions their entire life, and they love their hair and know what to do. But even for those clients that sit in your chair and if they know what to do, you don’t care. You can go through a step-by-step guide on taking care of their extensions and hair.

It’s an investment, and you want it to last as long as possible for your client. So I think giving your client a hair care guide and a protocol for how to brush their hair, how to style their hair, what products to put in to care for their extensions, what shampoo and conditioner to use to help keep the hair healthy and soft and to prolong the professional hair color that you just gave them.

Such people like a process and a system for how things are done. So please give them how to take care of their extensions better and prolong their investment with you. It will keep that client coming back to you, and they will feel like they got their money’s worth getting their hair done with you.

4. Consultation.

Consultation is huge for extensions hair. It is massive. So not only are you consulting on the color, you’re consulting on the length of hair, and then you got to think how many wefts do your client’s need, the placement of the hair, how many rows this client needs, figuring out what the client’s hair looks like now. Is it damaged? How short is to short for hair extensions? How long is 20 inch hair extensions, and what are their end goals? So having a thorough consultation with your future extension client is massive as to how the outcome will be.

With a consultation, you can know how they colored their hair last, how long it has been using permanent color, semi-permanent color, is their hair is damaged. How short are their layers? Their natural hair texture and how they wear their hair daily. You know, so a lot of these are key factors to figuring out a proper consultation for your client.

5. Expectations

When you have a new potential client coming to you for extensions, you want to be honest about the expectations for this client. My salon customer had numerous consultations with clients coming in with super short hair, and then they wanted hair way past their chest to tuck into their pants, mermaid, and Instagram-worthy hair. So she gets it, and they see pictures on Photoshop and Pinterest of these of this hair.

But you have to realistically guide the client to what will be best for them and what will be best for the pro, the best blend of natural hair to the Jiffy hair extensions. You have to realistically guide the client to what will be best for clients and what will be best for the pro, the best blend of their natural hair to the extensions.

It’s one thing if you know you do your consultation and the client’s hair is one way, and they send you your photos, then they come in and sit in your chair, and then their hair is completely different. So that is always it should be communicated before you even touch the client’s hair when they’re sitting in your chair. So realistic expectations are key.


So having a process and a guide for how they’re going to grow their hair, how you’re going to make their hair healthy, how they can get from three rows down to two rows or if they want to go from two rows down to one row. Hope Those five tips have helped you, and you can implement them with your future extension clientele.

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