How to Make Extra Money as a Cosmetologist

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How to Make Extra Money as a Cosmetologist

How To Make Extra Money As A Cosmetologist

We’ll talk about how to make extra money as a cosmetologist. Becoming a hairstylist is a very exciting and diversified career choice, and it can give you tremendous artistic freedom. It does not always result in financial well-being. The average stylist in the United States earns between forty to fifty thousand dollars a year, an average of about four thousand a month, with fewer expenses and overhead costs.

However, there are exceptions where some styles can earn way beyond this. But generally, there in exclusive areas such as Beverly Hills or Manhattan where they can charge a substantial amount more per service. However, this is a trade-off for a much higher cost of living.

#1 Schooling.

As we are all aware, cosmetology school is not cheap. The average cost to become a licensed cosmetologist ranges between twenty to thirty-five thousand. The general rule of thumb is to enlist as an apprentice with minimal pay for 12 to 24 months to become more efficient in the industry.

The challenge now is to find a solution that allows you to create extra revenue wherever possible. And the next step is to perfect an extra skill set, such as taking courses on colour cutting techniques, styling and other salon services.

1) Quickest Ways To Make Money.

Studies show that one of the quickest ways to make money as a stylist is to become proficient in and offer extensiones de cabello in the salon. Surprisingly over 80% of cosmetologists do not offer this extra service. stylists and salons that add hair extension supply services see an average increase of at least 23 thousand per year.

2) Get Back What Your Invest.

Now giving you the stylist a much more lucrative return on your investment. Therefore the objective of this report is to give you a detailed description of just how easy, enjoyable, and rewarding. This arena can be financially and emotionally.

#2 Skill.

As with any new technique, the skill will take practice and dedication, and extensions real hair are no exception. The beauty, however, is that with today’s modern systems. They’re relatively easy to become well-versed in, particularly if you have the right company providing the education.

The two systems that are by far the most popular are the best i-tip human hair extensions and real hair tape in extensions. So you need to look for a company that will be offering you not only the best quality products giving you the confidence that the hair will always be premium quality, ensuring your clients enjoy long-lasting, reusable luxurious hair, but that will also offer the best education available. So cover together you are in good hands to maximize this opportunity.

The goal has always been and always will be Beauty, confidence and happiness. And if you offer excellent service to your guests, you will be rewarded in many ways. If your client looks good, they automatically feel good. Therefore giving you the confidence to achieve your ongoing goals.

Where does the money come from?

So, where does the money come from? When it comes to pricing, it is important to keep a few things in mind. Your time and expertise are valuable. Your years of experience and location will affect how much you charge.

However, following a few simple guidelines will assist you in maximizing profitability. When quoting your price, always keep in mind that the majority of the revenue will come from the maintenance and always remember that the more affordable your initial install is, the more clients will be able to afford it.

#3 Extensions Information.

Typically I tip remy hair extensions starts at 20 inches long, and each bundle consists of 25 individual tips. The tape in extensions natural hair should only come with 10 strips and 5 sandwiches. That’s giving you a wider palette choice than limiting your client to only 2 colours.

The general rule in each case is 4 to 5 bundles of best I-tip human hair extensions and tape in. hair extensions. The prices can vary based on length, weight and type. one of the most important aspects to remember is quality should never be compromised. So in sourcing an extension supplier, be prepared to pay a little extra for elite quality.

One point of view is not to be fooled by glib marketing. The most important requirement when looking for professional hair extension is to ensure they are full cuticle. This ensures that the cuticle is intact, which not only gives longevity to the extensions themselves. But our far more versatile. They can generally hold colour moisture and do not become dry or start matting to guarantee that you prevent these concerns. All the hair needs to be lying in the same direction, and only a limited amount of companies can offer this guarantee.

#4 Minimum Amount Of Chemical.

Another advantage would be to source an wholesale hair extension supplier that does minimal chemical processing to the hair, which will ultimately strip and damage the cuticle and give a limited lifespan of the extensions, with performance falling off rapidly, resulting in disgruntled guests.

It is a fact that most hair extensions in the United States come from India, one of the major sources of hair extensions human hair worldwide. But being that the hair is dark requires a lot of bleaching to lighten. Irrespective of how delicate the bleaching process is, it will still compromise the integrity of the hair, with most hair salon extensions only lasting four to six months. With the correct choice of hair extensions supplies, the extensions can and should, with the correct maintenance, last anywhere from 12 to 24 months. That is why your initial research is so important.

At the same time, it might not be easy to locate supplies for hair extensions that offers a warranty on the hair. This is the ultimate fine. Any company that is prepared to offer a warranty on their hair indicates that they have confidence in their product.

Now while some hair extensions manufacturers will offer you a warranty, this is normally at an added expense, and you have to ask yourself why. This added expense ranges from 15 to 20 per cent of the initial cost. So be cautious. Because now, when you go to checkout, you will see that your cross for extensions in hair has gone up dramatically, which reduces your bottom line. So while a human hair extension supplier offering a warranty at no cost is a rare find, we suggest you take the time to research your best hair extensions supplier diligently. Because the truth is told, you’re creating a form of partnership with the supplier and looking for a long-term relationship.

Bear in mind that an unconditional warranty does not exist in the industry. There will be some limitations, such as chemical treatments or colouring will avoid most warranties which is understandable.

Considering styles of all levels of expertise, we’ll be installing these hair extensions real hair.

So the time you put into your research now to find the ultimate virgin hair extension supplier will pay huge dividends down the road and ensure you will have ongoing success with satisfied clients.

#5 Tips On Pricing.

We have already established that good-quality hair extensions will cost more. Typically, a standard full head will require four to five bundles. You never want to pay for the extensions out of your pocket directly. Always ensure your clients’ deposit covers the cost of the hair.

We suggest you should price to be comparable to your location. But even then, do not overcharge for the installation. Ideal you should charge a 50 to 100 per cent markup. I was hoping you could take into consideration that the I-tips hair extensions installation depending on your skill set, takes between 60 to 90 minutes and 40 to 60 minutes. However, never rush your installation, and always make sure that you prep your station in advance of your client’s arrival.

#6 After Installation.

So now you have doubled your investment. It is advisable to offer a complimentary wash and blowout a day or two after the installation for various reasons.

  1. Very few installations are perfect on the first round, and more often than not, your client would like a few extensions moved as we adjust to the field.
  2. This will give your client the opportunity to see how easy it is to handle them while washing and blow-drying, and you can give them added instructions and tips such as never blow dry the hair in an upside-down position. As, during the installation process, it is a lot for them to take into the initial fitting
  3. It will also reassure your client that you are there for them should they need you and establish a long-term relationship and give them the confidence to refer you to their friends and colleagues.

#7 Growth.

As with any business practice, the more clients you attempt, the more you grow confidence down the road. Once you are well-versed in this art, not only will your insulation can be reduced, but you will have fun by becoming a little riskier in your approach, which will open up a whole new world of creative thinking. This will allow you to move with existing trends or create ones exclusive to your signature style.

As stated above, if your supplier hair extension has excellent quality, you will create exciting new colour trends and be bold enough to start introducing vivid colours to clients who otherwise would have been concerned about putting their natural hair through this process.

A note to consider when doing colour on any extensions. It is always advisable to start with a lighter shade on the spectrum and deposit colour rather than starting with a darker shade and trying to lift.

Remember that the lighter shades have already gone through their lifting process. If a supplier provides a 100% full cuticle hair, then depositing in the colour, you will be sure to have very little fading. As in true form, the colour molecules will be trapped in the cuticle, such as with naturally growing hair giving you longer-lasting results when starting with a darker shade and trying to lift it you are going back to the old added problem of using bleach and this will ultimately strip towards hair the cuticle. Thus reducing the hair life expectancy. So why pick the risk when the factory has already done all the work for you?

#8 More Than Extensions.

Furthermore, extensions can be used not only for adding length and volume but also to replace the harsh effects of chemicals by using them for highlighting and low lighting. All clients that have extensions installed will need to return regularly to their original stylist for what we refer to as a touch-up or move-up, and this is the real meat on the bone. As the ideal time frame is to coordinate the service with their regular colouring which typically is every four to six weeks.

So while the guests are in the chair having their colour processed, it allows you to make the extension adjustment, which in both systems is approximately 45 to 60 minutes and herein lies how lucrative the extension world can be.

For example, a standard price for an adjustment would range from hundred 150. Therefore, it is if a client returns every four to six weeks for a fee of 125. This will result in a gross return of 1500 per year with very little out-of-pocket expense.

So now you will understand the suggestion of making the initial expense more affordable as the maintenance provides an ongoing revenue stream. It is unlikely that any guest that has extensions installed and are well maintained will ever have them removed.

So the objective would be to acquire a minimum of one new client per month before you know it. You will have 10 to 12 new clients in the first year. Rendering you 15 to 18 thousand extra dollars. many stylists have reported that once they have achieved a certain level of expertise. Their clients become a walking talking billboard on their behalf, promoting their work to family and friends, and it should be expected that you will receive at least one to two referrals for every good installation depending on your price point.

#9 Marketing.

From a marketing perspective, with your client’s permission, it is always suggested to take a before and after of every installation and, as your portfolio grows, solar examples of your work and if you have truly put time and dedication into your skill set it, will not be long before you start seeing more and more people reviewing your work which will ultimately result in more clients.

Stylists who have dedicated their time to becoming a specialist in hair extensions have found their revenue increased tenfold, and they have become the salon of choice in their area.


In conclusion, we hope that this has been very informative, and the smart money says that those that take advantage of this opportunity will become part of an incredibly lucrative sector of the hair industry and will be sure to find newfound wealth.

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