Hair Extensions Installation on Really Short Hair

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Hair Extensions Installation on Really Short Hair

Hair Extensions Installation on Really Short Hair

If your guests have short hair or want a special colour, such as some pink and/or silver, add some colour, etc., take a look at this article. This should give you a good hint. Then ask the customer’s needs to see if you can be met.

#1 Know your client’s hair.

First of all, if your client has short hair, you must communicate with the client in advance to find out if your client’s hair has done other beauty items before, such as bleaching, baking and so on, because these will affect the subsequent final effect.

#2 Desired Hair Volume & Lightner To Lighten Hair.

Based on understanding the customer’s hair quality and desired hair length, colour and quality, decide what the final product you want is. But don’t rush to install it. Instead, dye the client’s hair in the colour requested by the client and apply it in the beginning, right where your client’s natural colour is. This way, it can be better connected with the hair extension installed next.

Also, it would be best if you dyed your permanent hair extension in a matching colour. In this way, you can well meet the needs of customers.

#3 Well Mixed Consistency.

So whenever you’re mixing up your Lightner and developers, you want to ensure that you have a nice consistency. You don’t want it to be too runny because you want to be able to apply a nice good layer to the natural hair.

#4 Stylist Tip Natural Hair Only.

So you get good coverage, and whenever you’re pre-lightening the hair, you only want to put it on the natural. You don’t want to overlap on the ends whenever you are doing vivid. You have to get to at least about a level eight or nine. It honestly depends on what goal.

Suppose your clients are going for like Silver’s bright neon colours. You want to get her to at least a level ten and then tone out any of the yellow when you’re doing all-over bleach. you want to be sure to go back after you’ve made your first application and go through and make sure you have good saturation.

#5 Processing Cap To Achieve Desired Level.

how to hide extensions in very short hair

You have the lightener completely applied. You’re going to go ahead and place a processing cap over it. That way, your clients will continue to lighten to the desired level, and then next, you’ll wash her and get her toned.

So next, you will check and see what she’s been processing too. You should look for if you want to try to get her natural level to match the ends and apply the lightener over the top because it seems to dry out sometimes after a while. You want to keep it processing to get that little bit more lightness you need.

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#6 Coloring Process.

So let’s go ahead and get to that next step. So while your client’s colourist is processing, you are going to go ahead and prepare the hair extension products.

Because clients have such a short, dense bob, you will use ten packs of hair extensions. (The amount required depends on your client’s needs, here is just an example.) Now with hair extensions human hair tape in ends, you can’t do the vivid colour afterwards like you normally would because you don’t want to wash the tape for about 48 hours afterwards.

So you’re going to go ahead and pre-color these. that way, whenever you get her hair finished, you’ll be ready to install. So the way that you like to prepare your hair extensions real.

#7 Hair Extensions Installation.

So anytime you’re applying one piece tape in hair extensions, everybody can have their method. I like to use the rat tail comb and place it right at the very bottom of the hair. You don’t want to place it too high because you don’t want to mess with the adhesive. So then I take it, place it underneath and then press the hair right over the top of it. It is easiest could be.

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how to put in hair extensions in short hair
how to style hair extensions

#8 Connect the client’s hair with the tape

So when you have all the packs installed, it’s time to do the haircut. What you want to do since your client has very short hair is you have to start layering from underneath her hair down to the perimeter.

Here is a video about how to apply tape in hair extensions to thin hair.

When you have almost finished the haircut, you’re doing a few final touches, washes, and quarantines. You’ll see the final result very soon.

#9 Tape in extensions before and after short hair.

So after many hours of hard work, you have the finished results.

hair extensions on very short hair before and after

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