How Hairstylists Install Hair Extensions

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How Hairstylists Install Hair Extensions

How Hairstylists Install Hair Extensions

Does your client’s hair fade after colouring? If this happens to your client, you can do full colour on them, Bringing it back to your client’s natural colour. And then, you’re going to proceed forward with your client’s total transformation.

#1 Separate hair into four quadrants.

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I am completely obsessed with the frame backwards bibs when it comes to long colouring hair. It helps keep everything nice and clean whenever you’re making the application. So to keep everything nice and clean, you can separate your client’s hair into four quadrants before you start making the colour application.

#2 Work down from faded and work way back up.

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Even though this is an all-over colour, what you should look for is where your client’s natural growth is. You can start from where it’s faded and work down first. Then you are going to go back and apply it to the roots to blend it all together seamlessly.

#3 Let sit for 20 to 30 minutes.

At this time, you’ve applied the colour to your client’s hair. Before you go in and do it on the roots, you should use facial lotion. This is going to help keep her from staining her skin around the edges.

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Now that you have all of your client’s colors applied. You’ll go ahead and let that sit for 20 to 30 minutes. Then you can take her to the shampoo bowl, wash all of that out at least twice, and deep condition her. Then give her ends a trim before you start her flat i-tip hair extensions install.

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#4 Keep cuticles of natural hair and extensions intact.

It’s very important in all of the things that you do to make sure to keep the cuticle intact. Not only on your natural hair but the Jiffy hand tied hair extensions as well. So after you shampoo and get out of the shower, you want to make sure to squeeze the water out of the hair and don’t rough the cuticle up in the opposite direction. This will also help prevent any tangles whenever you’re brushing your hair out.

#5 Trim the hair ends.

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So now that you have your client completely blown out and ready to start the installation. What you want to do first is go ahead and trim her ends. So it would be best if you did that before starting the installation.

#6 Section is enough to hide extensions.

So now you’re ready to start her installation. You went ahead and dropped the first row and made sure that the section was enough. So that when she pulls it up, you won’t be able to see any of the Jiffy permanent hair extensions underneath.

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Also, here are two articles detailing the entire process of i tip hair extensions installation (Because the steps are more detailed, it is divided into two parts to introduce how to put in i tip hair extensions in detail). If you are interested, you can click this link to view it.

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Here is a video about how to apply i tip hair extensions.

#7 I tip hair extensions before and after.

So your client’s natural hair had faded down. She wanted to bring it back to the same colour as her root, a level five. You applied the colour, took her to the shampoo bowl, rinsed and washed and conditioned her, brought her back over, gave her an amazing blowout, and gave her a pre-trim before applying her five bundles of virgin i tip hair extensions. Once you applied those, you styled her, gave her trim and here’s the final product.

Jiffy hair extensions before and after

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