Answering Your Hair Extensions Questions. (2)

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Answering Your Hair Extensions Questions. (2)

Answering Your Hair Extensions Questions.

After answering the question in the previous article, many people still have doubts about it. Following the topic of the previous blog article, this article continues to answer your doubts about professional hair extensions.

#1 How do hair extensions work?

They’re not pinned straight if I blow-dry them. They’ll be straight. But if I let them air dry, they kind of like go with my natural hair texture which is like a slight wave but like not, my natural hair is like slightly wavy and certain parts straight and others it’s like a whole mess.

If you don’t know which hair extension to choose, take a look at Jiffy Hair. The hair of this brand is full of human hair, which is very suitable for the skin of our scalp, and it is more convenient and easy to take care of.

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#2 Are hair extensions heavy?

I’m not going to lie. Hair extensions do feel happy the first time you wash your hair. You’re going to be like weighted down, but you do that. You stay up just like with anything else.

If you don’t want such a heavy hair extension, you can choose the genius wefts, which will be lighter compared to other hair extension wefts.

#3 How to maintain hair extensions

I wear clippings every day, and I feel like even though I paid over 800 for them. They’re constantly getting knots, and it’s so bad when it’s hot. They look like this, okay. So if you wear some clippings every day, I recommend you look into permanent extensions that seem like a lot of work. Like these, you get up. You style them like your own hair. You don’t have to worry about clipping them in kind of just as like your own hair. Do you know what I mean maintaining them is like keeping your hair? You want to moisturize that you want to take care of it. You want to brush them out and make sure they’re not knotted. But if you are using extensions every day, a hundred percent look into permanent hair extensions. It will change your lifelike. Trust me.

#4 How to remove knots from hair extensions

I always end up having some dread at the back, yes. I had this the last time I had my extensions, and I had them in for longer than usual I had them in for like five months, and I developed these dreads at the back of my head, and no one wanted to strangle me literally. Because taking them out is like a lot of work. So what I do is I take a brush like this which has a lot of my hair. I’m so sorry, which has these bristles and then like these longer bristles. You can get them in like winners, and I’ll go through and brush them like before I go to bed, specifically at the end of the day. I’ll go through and touch them it, kind of poles it doesn’t feel the greatest, but as long as you like, go through and brush them out and then I’ll go through at the end look before I go to bed and make the kind of like pull them apart and make sure none of them are like knotting together, and that has helped me.

#5 Can you put your hair in a ponytail with extensions?

Okay, so this is a great question. Because I struggled with this a lot, and this is another tip I forgot to mention, my extensions are routed, meaning this bottom color is light. But if I lift my hair, you’ll see they get darker at the top because they’re routed extensions. So the bonds at the top are the same color as my hair, whereas the bottom gets a lot lighter, and that is how you’re able to do updos. I wear ponytails all the time with this set of extensions. Because you can’t see them, they’re virtually invisible when you put your hair back.

#6 Can hair extensions cause itchy scalp?

My tapings make my scalp so itchy that no tapings didn’t cause my scalp to become sticky, as I said. These don’t make my head itch E at all. So I’m looking at my flats, like screenshot the questions and read them simultaneously. So for someone who has a limited budget for hair every month, we’re dyeing it or getting extensions to be a better option.

Some people don’t want long hair; others don’t dye their hair. So it depends, but if you’re going to do both, I recommend going for a balayage hairstyle where you only really need to dye your hair once or twice a year. Like, I’m not even kidding. Balayage is the minor maintenance of hair color. Because it’s meant to be like looked grown out and so like if it grows out it’s not like you have roots and like it seems like you need to get your hair done right. So go for a hairstyle or hair color that you don’t need to do every month and with extensions. You’ll need to do them that often.

If you were to pick one or the other, it depends on what is more important to you. But that’s what I would do in terms of extensions. Maybe if you wanted to try them, I would do tape-ins because they’re a little less expensive, and you can use them. I think that is less costly although I’m not too sure and you can use them repeatedly, so you don’t have to continue buying new hair.

#7 How to sleep with hair extensions

I’ll either sleep with them like a low pony with a scrunchie or sleep. I usually have a stuck pillowcase, so I’m not worried about them. I sleep traditionally.

So I went through the questions I feel like I’ve answered the majority. There were a lot of repeated questions. so I hope I answered them. If you have any other questions, leave them down below, and I’ll answer them in the comment section. I hope that’s helped, you guys.

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