ALL ABOUT HAIR EXTENSIONS: Everything You Need To Know!

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ALL ABOUT HAIR EXTENSIONS: Everything You Need To Know!

Now, more and more people are more and more accepting of hair. But I don’t know if you have found a phenomenon. Once you try to send a hair extension, it is difficult to go back to living without them now.

Today’s article will tell you ALL ABOUT HAIR EXTENSIONS: Everything You Need To Know! If you want to know all about hair extensions, just read the article below.

why choose jiffy hair extensions?

My salon client told me she used jiffy hair extensions, and it was great. Even considering them the best hair extensions to date. Before this, she tried both, but she didn’t even know another brand, and then she switched to jiffy hair extensions, and the hair quality is the best, which is incredible because they tend to hold up a lot better.

There are many types of extensions.

There are tape-ins, hot fusion, and then cold fusion, like the little beads.

micro bead hair extensions
  • 1 The hot fusion method uses keratin glue to bond the extensions to the hair. A stylist will install the u-tip by melting the keratin base with a fusion hair iron (on a low heat setting) and wrapping it around a small section of hair. I-tips can also be used for a hot install. However, additional keratin (such as our keratin fusion glue pebbles) will be needed to bond the i-tips to the hair. Like the little beads, there are tape-ins, hot fusion, and then cold fusion.
  • 2 Cold fusion is a slightly simpler method. With cold fusion, a stylist will install the i-tips using micro ring beads (also known as micro links). The stylist will pull a few strands of hair through the micro ring, and feed the top of the i-tip through as well. Then the beads are simply clamped down with some hair extension pliers for a secure hold.

Suppose you guys don’t know tape. Ones are like literally a piece of tape. You have one piece of hair extension. You put a piece of your hair in between it, and then you sandwich another piece of hair extension on top. For these hair extensions, you can reuse the hair. All you have to do is remove the extension up when you get them redone. So you can reuse the hair if you do tape ends.

But the kind of hot fusion. You cannot reuse the hair. So once you use the hair, you have to throw it out with new hair.

But with the hot fusion, you can’t reuse the hair. So once you use hair, you have to throw it out with new hair.

However, some customers also reported that compared with tape hair extensions, hot fusion has more advantages. The following reviews from customers:

After having hot fusion for a few reasons, of course, I find tapings get sticky at the top, and in my personal experience, they slide down your hair for a few months. They look flawless at the beginning, but as they grow out, they look like extensions. Although you can reuse them, you have to get your hair done more often, and as someone who just hates getting my hair done, it’s a no-go for me.

I find hot fusion, which is where your hairdresser will take a piece of hair and use this little hot tool to like melt the extension onto your hair. This is one bond of the extension. So there’s your hair in it, and then the extension is bonded to the hair with keratin. This is one piece of extension getting keratin.

A fusion extension installed on your hair takes way longer than tape in. but you don’t have to do it as often, and I just find the way they grow out a lot better.

The last and most important thing is the number of packs of extensions in the hair.

If your clients love a full head of hair, they need more. But again, it depends on whether your clients want less hair or if you want more hair. If they have more hair, they might need more packs of extensions. So you have to talk about that with your clients and see what they need for the specific head.

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