What Full Cuticle Remy Hair Really Means

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What Full Cuticle Remy Hair Really Means,

let you feel confident in telling clients why this hair is the best.

What Full Cuticle Remy Hair Really Means

When wearing hair extensions permanent for customers or when customers buy Jiffy hair extensions, sometimes there is a misunderstanding of Remy. Then it is necessary for us to understand what is remy, so as to better let you feel confident in telling clients why this hair is the best.

The misconception is the word Remy or Remy as we know it. So everybody thinks that’s the buzzword. We’re looking for Remy hair. The truth be told, Remy means that it’s lying in the same direction. So, in other words, you’ve got your hair all lying in the same direction.

What is a Remy hair?

However, the real buzzword we should all be looking for is the full cuticle. That’s the magic right there. And all of Jiffy’s hair is the full cuticle. We regularly test it, we regularly put it under microscopes, and we can prove that our hair is a grade which means you’re going to get longevity and lustre. Let me take a moment and explain to you what I’m talking about.

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Why remy hair are amost from India?

I don’t know if anybody knows this, but most of the real extensiones de cabello in the united states come from India.

Well, firstly, it’s the second largest population on the earth today. But the magic from there is that people from India go on a pilgrimage, and every day of the year, millions and millions of people go on the pilgrimage. The main temple has over 200 people that cut hair all day long. They shave their heads because it’s a sign of respect before going on the pilgrimage. So tons and tons of hair is collected, of course, from India.

How do our Jiffy make black hair blonde?

Can Remy hair be colored?

It’s black hair. How do our Jiffy make black hair blonde? We’re going to bleach it. Right! It doesn’t matter how gentle your bleaching process is. It is still going to strip the integrity of the hair. That means you’re taking black hair and turning it into platinum blonde. You’re going to fly it. So by frying the hair, you strip it off the cuticle again.

How does the colour maintain?

how to dye remy hair extensions

When you colour hair which we know you’re going to do every four to six weeks. How does the colour maintain? The colour molecule locks itself into the cuticle, meaning the colour will last four to six weeks.

If you coloured hair with no cuticle, that colour will wash off or fade within seven to ten days. So what they do is they put hair that has been stripped, and they dip it in silicone. So silicone will probably be washed off. The hair is in about 15 to 20 washes. Once the silicone is washed off, or the sealant is washed off, the performance of the hair drops off, and now you’ve got a disgruntled client or guest. They’re going to say this was beautiful a month ago or six weeks ago. What’s happened to it, and it’s nothing they are doing?

It’s the source of where the hair is coming from. Remember, if the darker shades are fine, it’s the lighter, more platinum shades. The more you get lighter, the more stripping of the cuticle occurs.

About Jiffyhair.

You see, our Jiffyhair is a factory located in china. However, another one of the factors we’re involved with is one of the major collectors of hair in the world currently. We have over 80 tons. To give you an idea, that’s four football fields full of hair. Imagine that it’s incredible. So always be on the lookout for the full cuticle hair. That’s why we’re proud to say that we have the world’s best hair extensions.

can remy hair be bleached

This means that you can colour your hair extension. It doesn’t fade, and not only that, the hair performance is going to last. This is almost impossible to believe. But it’s going to last at least 12 months. Remember that our Jiffy I tips hair extensions are rubberized or have a polyurethane tip, which, even when they’ve broken down over time, be it 12 to 18 months, send the hair back to us. We re-tip it and send it back out again.

That’s the same hair that we can use over and over again. You can’t do that with this hair, and you certainly can’t do that with this hair.

Let me give you an example of how we collect our hair. This is a shank. So imagine we’re talking about 32 inches of absolutely beautiful hair.

Jiffy permanent hair extensions

Now, this is what I’m saying about the colour. You see, that means look at that lustre and shine. There’s nothing on here. We’ve put no oils. We put no treatments on here. This is magnificent, from the platinum blondes to the darker shades. Just look at that hair. That is just absolutely gorgeous. So always remember the buzzword in the future, Remy but full cuticle Remy. That’s the importance that the Jiffyhair factory brings to you.

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What is the difference between Remy and Non-Remy hair?

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