4 Hair Washing Tips That Will Save Your Hair

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4 Hair Washing Tips That Will Save Your Hair

4 Hair Washing Tips That Will Save Your Hair

When customers wash their hair, sometimes they don’t know how to wash their hair to make their hair more comfortable, so it is necessary for us to understand some tips about shampooing, so as to better care hair. Below I will introduce some tips on shampooing into 4 aspects.

Here’s the thing hair washing. It’s like you think you already know everything about it. But I feel like you don’t. I’m here to tell you you should think about it more. So I’m going to take the opportunity to go over some things with you, enlighten you, and expand your horizons regarding washing your hair. Let’s dive right into it.

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hair washing hacks that will save your hair

What do you think is the best option to wash your hair with? Cold? Hot? extremely hot? Lukewarm? Take your pick. What do you think is the best?

I’m going to give you the answer right now. Warm is the correct answer. You should wash your hair with warm water. Many people want to know if I should be washing my hair with cold water. I heard it makes your hair shinier. I heard it makes your hair healthier. Unless you want to make yourself miserable in the morning or at night or whenever you end up washing your hair, stop washing your hair with cold water.

You need warm water to open up your hair cuticle. Warm water will open your cuticle a bit wider, and cold water will release the dirt easier. You can honestly put your hair under warm water, and it will cleanse your hair.

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how to make hair soft after hair wash

Next, talk about how harsh or gentle you should be washing your hair. You can take your guess.

If you chose gently, you’d be correct. A lot of people tangle their hair when washing their hair. A lot of people like to go really in the scrub. I know it feels good, but you’re tangling and matting your hair more than it needs to be tangled or matted. You don’t need to do that. Because you’re going to rough up the cuticle way too much, when you wrap up the cuticle, you could lose hair that you don’t need to lose at that time.

Just go in side-to-side motions, not round motions, because this will tangle your hair. Side to side is best and a little gentler than you want to go. You don’t need to go like extremely gently. You don’t need to be like touching a baby’s head. Gently rub your head side to side with the shampoo.


hair washing mistakes

Now let’s get into suds. Do you need them? Are they necessary? What do subs do?

If you chose they don’t do anything, you’d be correct. Suds don’t do anything. They’re just a visual cue that you’re washing your hair. You don’t need suds for any reason. What suds do is make you think you’re washing your hair better than you’re washing. But I know many people out there are convinced that if your shampoo does not suds extremely crazy amounts of foam, your hair is not being shampooed properly. It’s just not true.

You can use shampoo that has absolutely no surface in them, and they are still doing the job of cleaning your hair. Suds will not harm your hair, except they may harm your thoughts about a certain shampoo conditioner. They may make you think one is working better than the other. It’s probably doing more good to your hair than the one that is sensing incredible amounts of suds.


does daily hair wash damaged hair

Let’s go over one more thing about the scalp. When you wash your hair, which parts of your hair should you be washing?

If you chose scalp only, you’d be correct. Your ends get oily, but the oil comes from your scalp. The scalp is the part that produces the oil. Your ends do not produce oil, which might surprise some of you. It might be kind of not at all surprising that a lot of you. But when you shampoo your scalp with a nice amount of shampoo, that, we’ll go over in a second you shampoo, you rub back and forth as we talked about gently. After you do that, you don’t then work down the ends of your hair.

Once you go under the warm water and rinse your scalp free of shampoo, your ends will then be shampooed by the residue from the scalp. So everything comes from your scalp down, releasing the trapped dirt within your ends. There is no need to rub your ends. There’s no need to get onto your ends with shampoo. Your scalp will be fine, and also all you’re going to do is dry your ends and detangle them a lot more than necessary. There’s no point in shampooing your ends. Your ends will get clean by just shampooing your scalp.

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