How To Put In Halo Hair Extensions

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How To Put In Halo Hair Extensions

How To Put In Halo Hair Extensions

In this article, I will show you how to put in halo hair extensions. After you get your halo hair extension by the hidden crown appropriately fitted, now is the time to get acquainted with how to wear halo hair extensions. There are improper ways and proper ways to do so.

Can you feel halo hair extensions?

Before you’ve worn it a whole day or not, adjusting halo hair extensions needs to be moulded to your head shape. So the first couple hours that you have it on, it’s going to feel a little bit insecure, you’re going to feel movement, and you’re going to be very aware of it.

So give it a few hours to mould to your head shape. The heat from your scalp is super hot, and it will mould very quickly. Before you know it, you’re not going to be able to feel it as much, and it will feel much more secure and wearable.

How to put halo hair extensions in

So let’s go ahead and get started. I will show you how to put in a halo hair extension by parting the top half of the hair up.

This is the easiest way to learn how to put on your hair extension and ensure that you only pull a little of your hair up and over. Pulling too much of your hair up and around can put tension on the extension, which can then put tension on your scalp, and we want to avoid that.

First: Divide your hair into sections.

hookah halo hair extensions

I have mine fitted about an inch and a half back from my hairline. Keep in mind everybody’s head shape is different. SoI’m making sure that my parting where the wire is going to lay is where all the hair is up and out of the way. So that I can lay the wire there, and there isn’t going to be too much hair lying under the wire when I put it on.

how to put on halo hair extensions

Clip this out of the way. As you can see, I part pretty high up. Many people get a little insecure about that but keep in mind that it’s flat to the back of your head, and your hair goes over it, and you can even tease it if you have thinner hair than me to hide it if you need to.

Second: Keep your fingers on top.

how to wear halo hair extensions

So when you go to put it on, you do not want your hands under the best halo hair extensions 2022. You will have partial control over this. So you want complete control when you’re putting it on, and you want to start with control of the wire, first, you want only to make moves for the back once your wire is secure in the place that you need it to be and it doesn’t move.

Third: Make sure the wire stays put.

Keeping your fingers on top, come around and focus only on putting the wire where it needs to go—so watching the two corners here and what I do with my fingers. Once I have my wire in place.

how to put halo hair extensions in

Now I’m going to press the two corners against my head. As you can see, I have not done anything back.


Making sure the wire is correct where it’s supposed to go will ensure that this back here is a snug fit.

If you don’t make sure the wire stays put where it’s supposed to go, what’s going to happen is it’s going to slide back on you and then when you go to pull your hair up and over, or you go to continue to put it on. It’s going to keep moving, and it’s going to be a hassle for you, and you’re going to get frustrated.


Everybody’s head shape is different. So try to get the best proper fitting that you can. Just keep in mind the hairline. It’s anywhere from one to two inches that you want to stay in, and you want the two sides about an inch or two inches above your ear, and then the left back area should sit snug. Not too tight, not too loose, right at the occipital bone.

how to use halo hair extensions

Fourth: Comb every hair strand.

can you dye halo hair extensions

Moving on, go ahead and let your hair down. The most important last step you’re going to do is comb every hair strand that is lying under the wire out from laying under the wire.

Comb horizontally to the side. You want to ensure the teeth grab your hair strands from under the wire. This anchors the wire in place. It hides the wire and ensures that your hair is safe from the wire.


Keep in mind that when you’re parting the top half of your hair up, making a clean parting where that wire goes makes this part super easy.


That’s how easy it is to put your halo hair extensions on. Keep playing around with halo hair extensions. Keep doing halo hair extensions. The more you do halo hair extensions, the more you wear it. The easier it’s going to be, it’s going to find its home. Once it’s moulded onto your head shape, halo hair extensions will stay in place if appropriately fitted.


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how to put in a halo hair extension

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