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Looking for super quick and easy hairstyles with tape-in extensions? One of the benefits that comes with human hair extensions is the ability to get creative with your hairstyles and test out new things. Of course, you might not always know where to start. That’s where we come in. Here are some great hairstyles with tape hair extensions.

If you’re unsure how to style tape hair extensions & don’t have much time to spare, then we’ve got you covered! Here are seven hairstyles you can do with tape-in extensions:

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LOOK #1 High Ponytail with Tape Hair Extensions.

hairstyles with tape in hair extensions

Throw your hair up as high as you can to get this amazing hairstyles with tape in hair extensions!

  1. Throw your hair up into a high ponytail, at a height where all the tape pieces are sitting flat against your head.
  2. Gently smooth over any bumps with a soft bristled brush and secure your hair in place with an elastic.
  3. Take a small piece of hair from your ponytail & wrap this around to disguise the hair elastic.


  • Style your ponytail hair enough so that the tapes lay flat against your head.
  • Backcomb at the base of your ponytail to add extra height and volume.

LOOK #2  Half Up, Half Down Hairstyles.

half up half down prom hair styles

A great look that is so easy to achieve and can go from day to night.

  1. Section off your hair, above the arch of your eyebrows, or where your best human hair tape in extensions are not visible.
  2. Secure this into a topknot and bobby pin into place.

Tip: When doing half-up hairstyles, ensure you section off your hair high enough so that the remy tape in hair extensions jiffy’s pieces are not visible.

LOOK #3 Fishtail Braid.

how to fishtail braid

Many get scared at mention of braids, but the fishtail braid hairstyles are so easy to create with just a little practice.

  1. Tie your hair back into a low ponytail and wrap a small piece of hair around to secure.
  2. Split the pony into two and take small pieces from either side over and into the middle. This is the fishtail braid tutorial.
  3. Loosen the braid with your fingers for added volume.

LOOK #4 Side Swept Hairstyles.

side swept hairstyle

Who doesn’t love that side swept hair? So glamorous and perfect for work and a night out.

  1. Part your hair just above the arch of your brow to create a side part, making sure no remy hair extensions tape in are visible.
  2. Backcomb underneath for added volume at the roots.
  3. Finish the look by tucking the hair on the other side behind your ear.

LOOK #5 Braided Up Do with Tape Hair Extensions.

braided up do hairstyles

If you’re looking for a way to keep your hair out of your face, this braids up do is a perfect choice. The braid adds the perfect touch.

  1. Tie your hair back into a low ponytail.
  2. Create a regular 3 strand braid and secure with an elastic.
  3. Roll and twist the braid to create a bun and bobby pin into place.

LOOK #6 French Braid Styles.

how to french braid

We can’t get enough of the french braid. And for good reason! They’re classic and cute for any occasion.

  1. Part your hair just above the arch of your brow to create a side part, making sure no remy human hair tape in extensions are visible.
  2. Create a French braid by crossing over the outer pieces into the middle, adding in more hair from the bottom as you go.
  3. Once you reach the nape, continue with a regular 3 strand braid & tie with an elastic.

Tip: Loosen the French braid step by step with your fingers for extra volume.

LOOK #7 Half Up Bun Hairstyles.

best hairstyles for tape in extensions

Another simple look that is full of hairstyles.

  1. In line with your temples, section off your hair and tie back into a loose bun.

    Tip: loosen the top section with your fingers to cover and visible tapes.

  2. Pull out some pieces of hair at the front to frame your face & you’re done!


Styling hair with Jiffy hair extensions tape in has never been easier! These quick and cute hairstyles with tape in extensions only take minutes to achieve, without any tapes showing! Now you know how to style hair with tape in extensions, you can test these looks out on your own. Pick your favourite and easy hairstyles with tape extensions, then dive in and give it a go.


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