How to increase hair volume and density naturally

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How to increase hair volume and density naturally

How to increase hair volume and density naturally

When your clients want to increase their hair volume, how do you usually do it? My usual way of doing it is sectioning for my vapor volume for my density application, it will be approached differently than what you would do with your classic full head.

You’ll start down on the nape for classic full heads, working your way up. What I’m going to be doing is I’m going to be working with the rounds and the heights of my customer’s head to enhance that to give her the density. So I’m going to be sectioning right along her parental ridge, and then I’m doing a steep, deep v to reach back into her occipital bone.

This is because the parietal ridge is the widest point of the head on the sides, and then the occipital bone is the widest point on the head in the opposite dimension. So by placing hair extensions in these areas, you’re already enhancing those areas with the height to them. Give her that volume that she’s looking for, and then all the colors will also be added.

So when I’m working through the side here, I’m going on her parietal ridge again. I’m taking a horizontal line.

  • If you want to be very clean and precise with your line, working with a tail comb versus using your clips or something like that. Then you’re going to be able to get a very clean result.

So I’m going to be working horizontally along that parietal ridge, and then what you’re going to do is you’re going to dip down into a deep v, hitting the top of her occipital bone through here.

  • Each person will be slightly different as every single head will not be the same. Everybody has slightly different ridges that you’re working with and then different general depths and sizes of heads. So if your v looks a little bit different than mine, that’s going to be fine as long as you know why what you’re doing.

I’m placing it on the parietal ridge to get that height on the side. Then I’m dipping back at that deep v to hit my occipital bone and hit that reach in the back.

  • Trying to work as clean as possible. Also, with trying to keep it simplistic.

Spin her around to ensure I’m balanced on both sides or that I’m hitting the center back because you want to be very balanced when working with your head shapes. Although even if somebody doesn’t have a balanced head shape, you might be able to help balance out that area they’re working on or that they’re lacking on one side or another. so I appear to be balanced to my knowledge that I can tell.

So I’m going to go ahead and set this down, clip this up and then work with getting her flyaways laid down. Nice and clean, everything’s up in one.

Then I’m going to grab my flyaways blondes, and she also has that more delicate texture. They tend to have a little bit more flyaways than others. So we have the flyaway and velcro strips. You’re just going to grab it. It just has some grip through here, and you’re going to place it right at the edge of your section and go with the grain of the hair, not against the grain of the hair.

So I’m going to grab it right here, push just a little bit to create that tension. You’ll notice it’s going to clean my lineup right through there.

I will take my other one and do it to my other side. Same thing tension clean all the way through, and now I’m going to go ahead and get my cylinders threaded onto my threader.

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