How to Grow your Hair Extension Business

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How to Grow your Hair Extension Business

How to Grow your Hair Extension Business

As human hair hair extensions become more and more accepted, you will see all kinds of new and long-standing salons hair extensions on the street. As there are more hair extension salons nearby, there will be more competition, and there will be situations where we don’t know how to promote our hair salon extensions, so it is necessary to understand how to promote our hair salon hair extensions better and attract guests. Below I will introduce How to Grow your Hair Extension Business.

Today I want to talk to you about one of the best ways to gain clientele utilizing your social media platforms, like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and you name it. But to succeed on these platforms, you need two primary things to happen.

  • First, you need to post eye-catching content.
  • Second, you’re going to need to post on a consistent regular basis.

But we all know that’s easier said than done, especially when you’re just starting as a new hair extension stylist and don’t have enough work samples. Plus, finding extra time in your busy schedule to properly manage your social media can be difficult and often seem a little overwhelming.

So today, we want to talk about how you can use content creation platforms such as canvas to quickly and easily create eye-catching posts to help promote and grow your business.

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#FREE Social Media Content.

Below I’ll describe a resource I stumbled upon it. It has already put together a media library full of hundreds of stunning hair videos and photos for you to choose from when creating your social media posts to get started. If you haven’t already, go to and create your free account, the free account will allow you to upload videos and images from it and edit the available media content to your social platforms. This includes adding text and other elements that make you unique as a extension hair stylist.

hair extensions styles

Here is a video about hair extension styles.

Then you can download your finished content, which is ready to be posted on any of your social media accounts.

On the canvas homepage, you’re going to have several options to choose from to create content. But the easiest and fastest way is to navigate to the “what will you design” search option at the top of the page.

hair extension style

From there, put in the type of social media aspect ratio you would like to create, whether it’s an Ig, Facebook, tick tock or another platform.

social media

For example, let’s do an IG story. You can click on the Instagram story icon, which will take you to the design page. Once there, you can use the canvas template or create a story from scratch.

where to buy hair extensions

Below is a step-by-step guide on creating a story from scratch for your reference. Just to show you how simple and easy it is.

Before getting started, you’re going to need to download any image or video that you want to use. so go to this link:, and you’re going to find a library full of incredible images and videos that you can use to download. You just want to right-click on the image, and it will begin to download the file. I suggest creating a folder on your desktop with all the media content you decide on and plan on using.

Go back to the canvas and create a blank template Instagram story.

jiffy remy hair extensions

Click upload on the navigation toolbar on the far left-hand side and then click upload media. You’re going to select the media file that you downloaded.

real human hair extension

Once your media file has completed the download, you’re going to drag that media file to the blank story.

jiffy hair extensions human hair

From there, on the navigation toolbar, you can add elements or text; if you click the more button, you can add additional components to customize it.

To edit the text, you want to double-click the text, and then you can look at the top tab, where you can change the font type, size, or other features. Make it simple and easy for your clients to book an appointment with you by adding your contact information to your social media posts.

hair extensions supplier

Once you have added all the text you desire, simply download the media content by clicking share in the top right-hand corner and then clicking download.

Then select the media type.

jiffy permanent hair extensions

Once downloaded to your computer, you can share it on your social media platforms. It’s that simple.

I also suggest that during your spare time, you create multiple social media posts at one time and then schedule them out on a regular basis. Remember always to work smarter, not harder. I hope this tutorial has been very helpful.

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