How to choose the right hair extension curvature

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How to choose the right hair extension curvature

How to choose the right hair extension curvature

When it comes to hair extension curvature, sometimes people do not know what their hair extension curvature is, and the definition of curvature is rather vague. Then it is necessary for you to understand the classification of curvature and the corresponding characteristics to understand your hair better and choose the human hair extension products suitable for your natural hair. Below I will introduce the hair curvature in detail.

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#Hair Extension Curvature.

The curl pattern is a touchy subject. Some people get mad at you if you don’t get this right. 99.99% of people have a curl pattern. Your hair is rarely skin straight. If your hair air dries and there’s any like sort of bevel like literally this much, you have wavy hair pretty much. Everybody has wavy hair. You don’t come across anybody with pin-straight hair naturally.

So there are three sorts of subcategories. There’s wavy, there’s curly, and there’s coily. Wavy being the least curly and coily being the most that didn’t make sense.

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We’re going, to begin with, 2a. This is the least wavy of them all. You have that slight bend. You got a little bit of texture.

2b. Your hair is wavy. You have some wave patterns. It’s just a tiny bit more than 2a. What a weird coincidence.

2c. Your hair is wavy and they’re tight.

3a. Which is just the classic curl. It’s like you took a curling iron, but not really. It’s a more lived and natural look. Just imagine a curling iron curl.

3b. you have those spiral curls everywhere. They’re much smaller than the previous 2a. They’re more defined. They’re curlier.

3c. when you pull your hair down, your hair expands a lot. It goes back up. The curls are even tighter than 2b.

Now we get into level four. You guys, this is the coily hair. This is more of an irregular wave mixed with an irregular curl. It’s a tighter, earlier, wavier sort of hair. Take 2c and 3c and mix them both.

And now we got 4a. That is just a slightly coiled look. When you pull it out, it bounces back. It’s much longer when you pull it up.

Now we have 4b, which is very simple. You have a little bit of a tighter coil than 4a. 4b is just a little bit tighter. We’re getting a bit more into an afro at this point, and then we have the curliest of them all over the lands, which is 4c hair. It’s magic. It is very voluminous, coily, kinky, and beautiful.

So those are all the different types of hair you can have and scalps everything under the sun.

This is much thinner than a single sewing thread if you have thinning hair. If you think your hair is healthy, try not to colour it, don’t dye it, don’t permit it. When your hair is kept in a very healthy state, when you wash it, your hair is always shiny, very soft and supple. But if you continue to dye and perm your hair in an unhealthy condition, it will damage the balance of your hair even more, and your hair will become dry and knotted.

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After reading the above article, do you have a little understanding of hair curvature? If you want to do a variety of real human hair extensions, try to do it after you get to know your hair. In this way, you can choose a real hair extension product that is more suitable for you and make a charming hair extensions hairstyle.

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