Difference Between Classic and Seamless Hair Extensions

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Difference Between Classic and Seamless Hair Extensions

Difference Between Classic and Seamless Hair Extensions

When customers buy real human hair extensions clip in, sometimes they don’t know which one to choose. Then it is necessary for them to understand the characteristics of each clips in hair extensions so as to choose better the shelf hair that suits them. Below I will introduce the appearance and wearing effect of classic clip-in and seamless clip-in hair extensions.

In the article, we make a small comparison of two different styles of clip-in extensions from Jiffy Hair: our classic and Seamless clip in hair extensions. I just wanted to look at a little comparison in this article. So in case, you guys are wondering which one you should get. Maybe this passage will help you.

#1 Comparison of the look of classic hair clips y seamless hair extensions clip in.

I’m going to start with just a comparison of the extensions themselves.

So this is a piece from the Classic Collection. So you have the hair, and it’s sewn on, and it’s sewn on like this piece of fabric, and then the clips are sewn on top, just like this.

Jiffy human hair clip in extensions

This is the clip-in seamless hair extensions. Here is one from the hair extensions seamless clip in collection. So the hair is encased in this silicone strip. So it is a lot thinner, and then you have the clips, and they’re sewn on in the same way.

seamless clip in hair

And then this is what they look like next to each other for comparison. So you can see the seamless clip in human hair extensions one is underneath, and the classic is on top. So this seamless hair clips is considerably thinner.

Jiffy best clip in hair extensions

So that is what it looks like next to each other.

real hair extensions clip in

So that’s the main difference between the two.

#2 Comparison of the wearing effect of classic clip hair and seamless human hair clip in extensions.

Classic style:

There you can see how it’s like a little bit lumpy.

the wearing effect of classic clip hair

Clip in seamless hair extensions style:

They do lay a lot flatter on the head. When pushing it down and you can’t see any lumps.

the wearing effect of seamless human hair clip in extensions

The main difference is that the hair extensions clip in seamless ones lay a lot flatter to the head because they are thinner and look a lot more seamless overall.

If you will, do you add a little more volume or bulk than the classic ones?

It might look a little bulky and a bit more like some beep if you have thin hair.

If you have thicker hair or like medium, should they care about the classic one?

If you want that Lilly Ghalich looks, go for like the classic in like the thickest.

If you have thin hair, then maybe go for the seamless wine because it will probably sit flatter on your head and look more invisible.

And as far as comfort goes, they pretty much feel the same.

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Here’s a video on how to put in clip in hair extensions.


That is it for this article. So I hope it is helpful. If you’re looking to buy some hair extensions, you can check out Jiffyhair’s website, which has all kinds of Jiffy human hair extensions. For example, tape in human hair extensions, keratine hair extensions, 100 human hair extensions clip in, weft hair extension, etc. There is always one that you like and that suits you.

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