Hairstylist should say some essential things to your clients

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As a hairstylist, you should say some essential things to your clients

Las extensiones de tape by Jiffyhair are a professional-only product. They come in a wide variety of salon-inspired shades, and panels can be combined to create a custom colour blend. It is these many relatively professional information that your customers may not know very well.

Therefore, As a hairstylist, you should say some essential things to your clients. At the same time, it can also increase the customer’s trust in you and your salons.

This article briefly introduces some relevant information about 100 human hair tape in extensions for your reference.

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#1 Tapes styles

Tape Picture Thickness Lifespan Remove Otro

White tape

白色胶带 Jiffyhair 接发中的微型迷你胶带


3-4 months

Easily, clean

A little elastic

Blue tape

蓝色胶带 Jiffyhair 人类接发中的金色胶带


3-4 months

Not so easy, a little sticky after remove

Very Sticky

Brown tape

棕色胶带 Jiffyhair 传统胶带接发1


3-4 months

Easily, clean

Tape glue are smooth

#2 Choose single-sided or double-sided tape

Tape in extensions human hair by Jiffyhair pro are made with 100% Cuticle Intact Remy Human Hair. These reusable extensiones de cabello can add length, volume, and chemical-free colour or correct or enhance a haircut.

In a typical hair extensions tape ins application, the client’s hair sections are sandwiched between two wefts of hair. Single-Sided Tape makes it possible to use only one weft per section. The top weft is placed on the hair section as usual, and a strip of Single-Sided tape for tape in hair extensions is placed on the back to seal the adhesive.

By using half as many Tape-In wefts, Babe’s Single-Sided Tape alleviates strain on thin hair. It’s a lightweight, smooth and gentle solution for a natural look.

People with thin and thin hair can use single-sided tape to reduce the pressure on thinning hair caused by hair extensions.

#3 How to apply tape in hair extensions?

how to put in tape in hair extensions

1. Make a section horizontally in your hair, starting from the bottom of your neck.

how to tape in hair extensions

3. Line up the extension directly even with the scalp and attach by pressing to a piece of desired hair. Apply pressure with fingers for 5-10 seconds to secure hold.

how to put tape in hair extensions

5. Apply pressure with fingers for 5-10 seconds to secure hold, placing the tape extensions side by side with a distance of about 1cm (0.5 inch).

how to remove tape in hair extensions

2. Grab a bit of hair, not too much. Otherwise, extensions are easy to fall. Place the first tape extension onto your hair. Remove the hair.extensions’ blue cover to expose the super tape.

how to apply tape in hair extensions

4 Take a second tape extension strip and press it firmly towards the underlying extension. The two extension strips are now glued together with a part of your hair in between them.

how to apply tape in hair extensions to thin hair

6. Please ensure that you are not placing the extensions too far out on two sides to make them visible. The extensions should always stay covered beneath your hair.

#4 Here is a video about Jiffyhair tape-in hair extensions

#5 Aboout Jiffyhair

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