5 reasons why you should recommend tape-in extensions to your customers.

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5 reasons why you should recommend tape-in extensions to your customers.

There are many options for extensiones de cabello on the market. If your customers want you to recommend one to her, as a hair stylist, do you know how to introduce so that she can be attracted?

This article will stand from the perspective of the salon stylist, combined with the personal experience of real customers to tell you about how to recommend tape in hair extensions to your customers..

What is tape in hair extensions and what’s the difference with other hair extensions?

#1 You don’t need to take tape hair extensions out everyday.

Tape ins are a semi-permanent hair extension, which means you don’t have to take them out and put them in every single day once you have them installed. They can stay in for several weeks. The way that they work is literally like a sandwich, with two sticky super-thin weft, your real hair will be adhesive as the meat in the middle of the sandwich.


Or you can make just like one sided tape ins so if you just wanted like one really thin piece you could just stick it to a little sticky adhesive that has like a clear plastic side on the outside.

single-sided tape in hair extensions

As the image shows

They’re very thin and they lay nice and flat on your head which is nice but they are very secure as you can see.

#2 Comfortable, invisible, natural as you are not having extensions.

It’s nice about tape ins especially compared to like clip-ins or sew-ins is that they are so thin and they do lay so nice and flat on the head so you can get like a nice full head of hair but it’s not going to be super heavy. You’re not gonna feel the extensions if you run your hand on the back of your head, you don’t feel anything there. It’s not bulky and it’s not heavy because all the extensions are so thin and so nicely distributed throughout your head that you don’t have any like thick heavy pieces tugging on your hair so they’re very comfortable.

Personally experience for a client’s customer with clip ins and tape ins:” I used to wear clip-ins for years and I would put them in every single day and it was a pain having to put them in and take them out every night, but the worst part about it was they were so uncomfortable at least for me anyway like by the end of the day because I like a lot of hair on my head usually so by the end of the day I would have a headache.
My head would feel really tender with tape ins. They are so so comfortable. I never get headaches. They don’t hurt. They don’t bother me.”

Of course, you have to choose the tape-ins that are thin enough to your customers, otherwise they will still feel something uncomfortable on their head, so be sure to choose the qualified tapes ins for your customers!

super thin injection tape in hair extensions

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#3 Tape hair extensions can be used even your customers have short hair.

Now if you’re wondering if they blend well and if you can get them installed even if you have short hair?

The answer to both of those is yes. And obviously it’s going to depend on how they are installed

I do really suggest going to a hairstylist go to a professional someone who specializes in tape and extensions so they’ll be able to apply them in a way that they do blend really well and add layers to them and do whatever needs to be done to help them blend.

As this before & after short hair image shows,

tape hair extensions for short hair

if you have like a short bob but you just want to like make it look fuller and more volume, you can add the extensions and just cut it to match the length of your hair.

#4 Adding colors without bleaching your hair.

As the image shows:

add colors with tape hair extensions

You can also use them to add color to your hair without having to actually color your real hair. That’s what she did in this image, so you can see she has some lighter pieces thrown in there. Her real hair is all just this one solid dark color, so you are able to just add like a little bit of some lighter highlights without having to actually bleach you real hair.

If you are looking for the trend or special colors, Jiffyhair factory does have trend colors tape ins in stock, and we can also customize your own colors in low MOQ.

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#5 No damage to hair if you install and uninstall them properly

If they are not applied properly and they’re not taking care of and not removed properly, yes they could potentially cause damage to your hair, which is another reason why I do recommend going to a hair salon and having a professional install and remove them for you, but if they are done properly and you are following the instructions and taking care of them properly, they do not cause damage to your hair.

Personally experience for a client’s customer with tape ins:” I have had tape extensions in my hair several times now. I want to say it’s been like close to 10 times now that I have had tape and extensions installed in my hair and I have never had a bad experience. I’ve never had any damage done to my hair if anything I feel like my hair grows more and gets healthier when I have them in just because my real hair is getting protected underneath the extensions. I’m not applying as much heat to my real hair. I’m not washing my hair as often. ”

After reading this, as a salon hair stylist, or even a hair brand owner, can generally know how to recommend tape-ins to your customers. A very important tip here is that you should personally use TAPE IN HAIR EXTENSIONS, and at the same time record the experience of yourself and your regular customers, then showing to your new customers. This is the most important point to attract your customers.

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The next article we will introduce several popular tape in hair extensions on the market.

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